Friday, October 3, 2008

RapidRun™ Connector Technology

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RapidRun™ Connector Technology - SeamlessConnectivity with Maximum Flexibility
The true secret to RapidRun system’s flexibility is its cutting-edge connector technology which creates a lossless connection between a Runner and the Break-Aways. Installers benefit from powerful performance advantages, including:
Uncompromised signal integrity: Pin pitch and insulator material make our connector virtually transparent to the delicate video signal; this connector was designed for minimal signal loss.
Dirt and damage protection: Every runner cable includes two protective end caps with eye-loops on each end. The pull caps protect the delicate contacts within the connector from the dirt, dust, and damage common on job sites. Simply unscrew the pull caps upon installation to reveal the connectors.
Flexible durability: Durable connectors can withstand a maximum pulling tension of 30 pounds, providing an easy and safe connection point for pulling the Runner through conduit or construction framework. The connector is also small enough to pull through 3/4” conduit, even with a 90° factory manufactured sweep.

RapidRun Digital connector technology - The connector for RapidRun Digital is designed for minimal signal loss - ideal for high-performance video, graphics, audio and system control. Nineteen precision-machined pins are cradled within the 11/16” diameter connector shell, and make it as transparent to the delicate digital signal as possible.
Start assembling your RapidRun system by selecting the Runner to match your installation needs.

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