Thursday, October 2, 2008


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New Revolutionary, Patent-Pending TechnologyThat Will Forever Change Our Industry!
What RapidRun™ is:
RapidRun is an award-winning interconnect system designed, from the ground up, to evolve with the components of your installation. Featuring an amazing connector technology and incredible flexibility, RapidRun is able to handle whatever signal you need wherever you need it; this versatility allows easy customization of any system.
The RapidRun system consists of three Runners and a collection of Break-Away termination options that function with specific Runners. Two Break-Aways are required for each Runner, one on both ends of the cable. The multiple combination options allow you to customize the system in order to create your desired configuration.

Installation jobs can be done easier, faster and more efficiently with the RapidRun system. With RapidRun, you can pull a multi-conductor cable with a small, secure connection through a tight space, and still retain the full functionality and performance of a professionally terminated installation! The design and flexibility of the RapidRun base cable allow it to fit through 3/4” conduit, even through a 90° sweep, while its durability allows it to withstand a maximum pulling tension of 30 pounds. After installation, termination is a cinch. Simply connect the Break-Aways on each end, a process that takes only a few seconds, and the cable is instantly terminated to carry the signal.

RapidRun can also handle the changing needs and desires of installers and customers. For example, the job needed VGA, but just after completion, the customer changed his mind and now wants a product that requires a component video signal. Simply unscrew the Break-Away and replace it with a new connection option. In seconds, the cable has changed from carrying a VGA signal to component video. What amazing flexibility!

To ensure a Runner cable is terminated properly and will work in the appropriate fashion, RapidRun uses a color-code system. Runners have been colored yellow, blue, or red. Each Break-Away has been colored either yellow, blue, green (works with either blue or yellow), or red. The color-code system is in place to help users see which Break-Away is compatible with each Runner, and to prevent a failure of the system from guesswork.

No cabling solution on the market will do more to make your installations easier or more versatile! This revolutionary design provides the greatest flexibility and the highest signal transfer rates possible.

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